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Super Signal

Super Signal is a data-driven investment platfrom that uses AI to trade securities based on proprietary insights from alternative data

About Us

Super Signal was founded in 2017 by a group of Artificial Intelligence Technology entrepreneurs and hedge fund veterans with over 25 years of experience, managing institutional capital. The merger of advanced AI technology and traditional fundamental trading created a systematic data-driven investment manager with an innovative approach to stock market trading.

Investment Approach

We challenge and seek to innovate the old ways of manually collecting information, calculating risk and trading in the markets by building advanced AI technologies and algorithms that utilize enormous data sets to locate deeply hidden opportunities and empirically determine confidence levels and risk adjusted investments based upon our predictions of the future behavior of securities.

Alternative Data

Super Signal was built from the ground up, using Alternative Data. The platform applies an ensemble of machine learning models and proprietary algorithms to alternative data sets in order to seek to generate predictions of companies’ financial performance. The signals are used to trade US long/short equities and options in a systematic, data-driven approach.


At the core of Super Signal is our responsibility for conducting our activities in the utmost ethical, legal and professional standards.

We believe that integrity in the community and our investors is our only sustainable currency. We will never trade it for anything in the world.


Our team is synergistically composed out a of diverse and brilliant team of mathematicians, data scientists, full-stack technology developers, successful and experienced investment managers and business development executives.

We believe that a united group of super smart individuals that bring completely unique perspectives, experiment creative ideas and cutting-edge technologies are key to solving the toughest and most lucrative financial problems.

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